Affordable Apartment Design Ideas

Money does not necessarily dictate style but having a great sense of style could help make an apartment look lavish without having to spend too much cash. You do not have to worry if you are planning to redesign your place but do not have too much cash to spend. There are a lot of affordable apartment design ideas that you can use.


It is always ideal to choose the white and neutral shades for your walls and furniture. These hues provide a timeless canvas that allows you to renovate, redesign, and even upgrade the style a lot easier since you already know that the shades would surely complement each other. Also, neutral colors almost always look great.


Spend hefty amounts of cash on items that you know you will use for several years. For instance, it is only natural for you to shell out a few thousand on a sturdy and high-quality sofa that could last up to a decade. These are worthy purchases. You can save your pennies on smaller things like accessories at home.

When picking the furniture for your apartment, make sure that you consider some important factors. It includes the available space where you plan to place the furniture. It is also ideal to choose neutral colors. You should also select pieces that are functional, mobile, and minimalist in style.


Layering is the key to having a great looking home. It offers the place with depth and warmth. It makes sure that all of the different aspects of an apartment are pulled together to bring out a homey feel. You can mix different patterns when layering as long as you have one unifying element. There are also different types of layering. You can layer old and new items together, furniture, and even textures.


A place that is devoid of clutter tends to be beautiful. This holds true for small living spaces like an apartment. If you want to declutter your place, the first thing that you should do is sort through your belongings. Do not immediately buy storage pieces. Once you have gone through your things and you already know which ones to keep and dispose of, you can now run to the nearest store and buy bins, boxes, and baskets that you like. Of course, make sure that they would fit in your closet, shelf, or under the bed and the colors would match the motif of your apartment.

Fake Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelves are expensive, that is a fact. However, you can fake the look by using different shelves that fit like a puzzle. When it comes to what to place in these shelves, you can go beyond the usual books. You can display your favorite angel figurines, trinkets, globes, and so on. The shelves may or may not have glass covers. It depends on how you want it to appear. Glass covers are ideal if the items that you wish to place items that are breakable or perhaps those that are expensive.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for other designs that you may want to use for your renovation project, you should study successful developers like Joe Nahas. You will surely find inspiration in his recent developments, which showcases modern designs and innovative architecture.